Breaking News: An early election was called. It is set to take place on April 14th, 2021

Parliamentary assistant clerk canvassing to run against her first cousin in North Side

Jan 22, 2021

(CMR) Long-serving civil servant Debra Broderick (62), the first cousin of incumbent MP Ezzard Miller, has been canvassing the district of North Side with intentions to run for elected office in the May election. Sources have revealed the details today.

Broderick is an Assistant Clerk at Parliament (formerly the Legislative Assembly) and has been in that post since 2004. She was briefly elected as the North Side District Council Executive Committee chairwoman in September 2017. North Side sources have informed CMR that the committee has not been functional for quite some time.

She also worked for Cayman Airways as a flight attendant for a number of years.

The former flight attendant’s dad and Ezzard Miller’s father are two brothers.  She has three children.