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FIN developers working with DOE to mitigate sediment concerns

Feb 18, 2021

(CMR) The developers of one of South Sounds latest luxury residential developments, FIN Grand Cayman have responded to critics who took to social media on Wednesday to complain about silt being created by ongoing construction work at the location. Numerous complaints were received by early afternoon with video footage demonstrating silt has seeped into the water causing it to be murky.

The developers have pointed out the unpredicted weather impacted all of the west coast today including the Seven Mile Beach stretch and was the reason for their situation today as well.

Speaking exclusively to CMR the luxury condo developers have shared that they are mitigating as much damage as possible during today’s inclement weather and remain fully compliant with Department of Environment (DoE) requirements.

Construction work is ongoing to complete a concrete wall and sidewalk behind the building which runs adjacent to the ocean. Included in the buildout are concrete decks at varying levels and a shallow wading pool. The concrete works are about 50% completed and would be the cause of the sediment concerns.

Developer Dale Creighton shared that careful attention was spent on designing a program for the work and it has been approved by the Department of Environment. He further explained that in this instance a shift in the weather created unpredictable results:

“The weather was forecasted to be calm throughout this week and, after setting out silt screen and other measures, which were being checked on a regular basis by DoE staff, based on that forecast we were progressing with works.”

However, shortly after work commenced this morning the current and swell shifted contrary to weather forecasts and began coming across the shoreline even though the wind is out of the east. He noted that they immediately ceased work and devoted all our resources and attention to removing materials from the shoreline and mitigating any impact that might have been caused.

They also contacted the DOE and met with an inspector on-site show recommended adding strategically placed sandbags to further mitigate the impact of the work. They will continue to monitor the situation and take additional appropriate action if required. They will continue to monitor the situation carefully.

FIN’s sea pool, lagoon and artificial beach have caused some controversy for the development when another publication shared that they had not submitted the construction environmental management plan or the operations environmental management plan before any work began on the site. DoE apparently noted that they had concerns about the sea pool and lagoons because of the ironshore excavating. However, the developers have shared that the matter has since been resolved and they have been working closely with DoE.