Breaking News: An early election was called. It is set to take place on April 14th, 2021

Roads closed due to ongoing Election

Apr 14, 2021

(CMR) In order to accommodate the 300ft Rule as required by the Elections Law, the RCIPS said the following roads have been closed to the public:

-Edward Street – Motorists traveling on Edward Street will be diverted to Dr. Roy’s Drive.

-Forte Street- Motorists entering Forte Street from Harbour Drive will be diverted to Albert Panton Drive. Those entering from Mary Street will be stopped in the vicinity of the Appleby and HSM buildings.

-Captain Reginald Parsons Drive – The intersection of Jade Drive and Chevy Street has been closed and will only accommodate local access as necessary.

-West Church Street – Motorists will be diverted into Elizabeth Street and to the north entrance of Centennial Towers on West Church Street.

These road closures will continue until 7 pm today, 14 April, to accommodate the stipulations of the Elections Law. The RCIPS thanks the public for their cooperation and apologizes for any inconveniences caused.