Breaking News: An early election was called. It is set to take place on April 14th, 2021

Masks not mandatory on Election Day

Apr 11, 2021

(CMR) While the wearing of face masks is encouraged on Election Day, persons who do not wear masks will not be turned away.

Supervisor of Elections Wesley Howell said the wearing of masks was only a suggestion made by the Elections Office because some persons may feel comfortable attending a polling station wearing a face mask during a global pandemic.

“Should someone choose not to wear a face mask at a polling station, this will not impede their ability to cast their ballot in any way as this has not been mandated by law,” Howell explained.

However, the Elections Office will have a supply of face masks available at all polling stations should any voter wish to have one.

Although there is no community spread of the coronavirus in the Cayman Islands, the Elections Office will be taking several steps to ensure COVID-19 safe practices on Election Day.

Election Day workers will be provided with masks, and hand sanitizer will be available at each polling station. All the workers have also received their COVID-19 vaccine.

There will also be no resuing of pencils by voters; each voter will receive a different pencil.

Meantime, several protocols were implemented for persons in isolation who wish to vote. The Elections Office had approximately 30 applications for voters in isolation, including two from Cayman Brac.

The staff was trained in the proper use of personal protective equipment, which they must use when conducting mobile voting at isolation facilities.

The Elections Office reminds voters to bring their Voter’s ID when they go to cast their ballots.