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Jeanna Williams: God gave her signs she needed to run for political office

Sep 30, 2020

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“I’m a God-fearing Caymanian woman and this is the reason I’m running. God clearly gave me signs that He wanted me to run so I’m here to fulfill His purpose. The Caymanian people need a voice, particularly women in this community. I look forward to sharing my viewpoints/experiences & providing some much-needed emotional intelligence to this election and most importantly speaking to the Caymanian people directly and hearing how I can be of service.”

Jeanna Williams

(CMR) The second woman to declare for the May 2021 general election shares that she has a mandate from God to serve the people of these islands in the political arena. Jeanna Williams has made it clear that as a God-fearing Caymanian woman she intends to fulfill his purpose by running for political office in Savannah.

The political newcomer believes that her divine calling will allow her to bring a sense of uniqueness to the political arena.

Williams is an expert personal trainer who was one of the pioneering Caymanian business owners of the fitness boom in Cayman.

She is also a radio personality with talk shows that focused on health and women’s empowerment. With a growing interest in helping women step into the most powerful version of themselves in life and business, She is now a women’s empowerment coach and shares that she represents Cayman as a Regional Vice President & Vice President of the Global Events Division of the largest women’s empowerment network on social media with over a million female followers worldwide.

Williams is also a wife with two children and intends to focus on the education system, landfill and policy reform.

It remains unclear who her opponent may be as there are talks that Anthony Eden may finally retire from public office. Speculation on the marl road is that Eden has been prepping his eldest son, Malcolm Eden to fill his shoes and run for political office in Savannah as well.

Female candidate, Kathy-Ann Wilks declared her intention to run for political office in West Bay Central two weeks ago. In the 2017 election more women ran for political office than ever before. However, only three ultimately secured a seat in the legislative assembly.