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Dr. Frank McField becomes 3rd candidate to declare for Prospect

Sep 29, 2020

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(CMR) Prospect has just gained another political candidate, Dr. Frank McField, bringing the official count to at least three declared persons for the district thus far. A fourth announcement is believed to be imminent in the coming weeks.

This may be the earliest that so many candidates have declared for a single district ahead of the May 2021 general election.

McField made his announcement Tuesday morning during a talk show interview with Woody DaCosta on Cayman Crosstalk where he shared that he chose Prospect after Premier Alden McLaughlin revealed to him on Sunday that he would be running in the district of Red Bay again.

He noted that he was unable to compete with the PPM’s financially machinery and that “I don’t have money, they have money and they have the organization to be able to reach voters in many different ways”. However, he did admit that if he was able to “attract financial support for the campaign” he would consider challenging the seat in Red Bay.

Speaking exclusively to CMR McField shared that he hopes to be able to introduce a program that rewards people who have made contributions to the Cayman society with a monthly monetary stipend. He indicates that many are left out of the current Seaman’s benefits, but equally contributed to the successes of the Cayman Islands and should be recognized for that. Clarifying he does not seek to create a socialist state he does believe there is room for such a program.

McField shared he’s interested in serving the Cayman Islands and referring to the one man one vote system he noted:

“I am interested in getting elected to serve the Cayman Islands, I am not talking about a district. I am talking about a district that allows me to get elected because at the end of the day we are not doing things for districts.”

The district is considered a hot spot at the moment with incumbent Councilor Austin Harris facing challenges from Michael Myles and yet to officially declare Sabrina Turner. McField shared that he gets a lot of respect from the Jamaican people who are well represented in the district of Prospect; increasing his chances of a successful candidacy.

McField ran unsuccessfully in the 2017 election in Red Bay as an independent candidate after deciding not to run against Kenneth Bryan in George Town Central. He was one of 63 candidates vying for 19 seats and one of three in Red Day. He received 10.90% of the vote then compared to winner Alden McLaughlin who took the seat with 56.64% of the vote. Denniston Tibbetts received 32.46% of the vote.

He previously served as an MLA for George Town from 1996 -2005 where he served as minister in the now-defunct UDP government from 2001-2005.

Dr. Frank McField is a sociologist, playwright and politician. McField studied history and political science at City University of New York and continued his post-graduate studies at York University, England, in Southern African politics. He gained his doctorate from the University of Bremen, West Germany, in 1979. His work has been performed in New York, London, Germany and the Caribbean, and his second play Downside Up, is one of his most widely produced plays.

He has also been writing extensively and anticipates releasing a book in the near future.