Breaking News: An early election was called. It is set to take place on April 14th, 2021

Governor Martyn Roper Elections Message

Apr 14, 2021

(CMR) The Cayman Islands have a long and proud history of democratic elections. The first meeting to discuss our islands’ legislative future took place at Pedro’s Castle in the 1830s. Today we have a modern, vibrant democracy with a well-deserved reputation for organizing free and fair elections. 

The Cayman Islands has historically achieved a high voter turnout and I urge all registered voters to exercise your democratic rights. This is a fundamental element in the legitimacy of government. It shores up our prosperity and stability. 

This will be a historic first election of Members of Parliament following the constitutional changes agreed with the UK last year. Elected MPs will take on a big responsibility to represent you and to ensure the safety, security and prosperity of all who live in our Islands. 

I would like to pay tribute to the Supervisor of Elections and his outstanding team, to whom I spoke on the eve of our elections to thank them for all that they do. They have, and will continue, to do a tremendous job to organise the elections across all three islands in such an efficient manner. Our thanks are also due to all those in the Civil Service, the RCIPS and many other individuals and volunteers that will be working hard to make the elections a success.

This year because of Covid, we will have a virtual team of international election observers from the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association to observe the elections. We have also appointed a team of 9 local observers to provide additional public reassurance about the integrity of our electoral process. I thank them for their willingness to step forward and assist us in these unprecedented times. 

I am confident that the candidates and their agents will continue to conduct themselves in a professional manner, doing their part to ensure that the Cayman Islands 2021 General Elections meet international general elections best practice.  There are always areas we can improve and we look forward to the feedback from the observers on the elections process. 

I (and my staff in the Governor’s office), the Deputy Governor and Civil Service all look forward very much to working with the incoming Government that you choose in a spirit of mutual trust, collaboration and partnership for the benefit of everyone on our Islands.