Breaking News: An early election was called. It is set to take place on April 14th, 2021

Things you need to know for Election Day

Apr 13, 2021

(CMR) The Elections Office has issued reminders to the voting public to ensure voting is a smooth exercise for all electors. Supervisor of Elections Wesley Howell reiterates that his office is continuing to work diligently to ensure that the voting process is smooth for every single voter. 

He urges electors to exercise their democratic right and cast their ballots on Wednesday, 14 April 2021- Election Day.  “Remember – your vote counts,” he added.

“Polls will open sharply at 7 am across the three islands and close at 6 pm. If there are voters still in line after 6 pm, they will all be able to vote – no one in line will be turned away,”  Howell emphasised.

“The Elections Office is fully geared, ready, and looking forward to providing efficient service to all voters,” he noted. 

Here are some important reminders to electors from the Elections Office: 

Where to vote:

Check your polling location on or call 949-8047 or 949-6555 (Election day only) for directions to your polling location. 

-The polls open at 7 am and close at 6 pm. Anyone in line at 6 p.m. will be allowed to vote. 

-When you go to vote, remember to bring your ID and leave your phones

-All postal ballots must be received by the Returning Officer by 6 pm on 14 April to be counted.

-The wearing of face masks or coverings is encouraged; however, you will be able to vote if you choose not to wear a mask. 

How to vote:

-You can only vote for one candidate in your electoral district.

-If you need assistance in marking your ballot, an Elections Presiding Officer will help. A friend can be present to observe only.

-Wheelchairs will be available at every electoral district. Elderly and special needs voters will be given priority.

-If you were approved for mobile voting and did not vote, you can still vote in person at the polls on Election Day. 

No campaigning or adverts on Election day:

-It is unlawful to campaign on Election Day. No candidate or party t-shirts are allowed at the polling stations.

-Candidates, agents and canvassers are not allowed to loiter within 300 feet of any polling stations.

-No political announcements, banners, car logos, flyers, billboards, radio, or online media adverts are allowed on General Election Day. -All political banners and signs must be removed by 12:01 am on Wednesday, 14 April.

-Only voters and election personnel are allowed within the 300-foot exclusion zone at each polling station.

Locations of Polling Stations:

Electoral DistrictPolling Location
West Bay NorthFirst Assembly of God Church Hall – 100 Finch Drive, West Bay
West Bay WestSir John A Cumber Primary School – 36 Fountain Rd, West Bay
West Bay CentralThe Church of God at West Bay – Church Hall – 108 Capt. Reginald Parsons Drive, West Bay
West Bay SouthJohn Gray Memorial United Church Hall – 26 West Church Street, West Bay
George Town NorthGeorge Town Primary School – 179 School Rd, George Town
George Town CentralConstitution Hall (George Town – Town Hall) – 43 Fort St, George Town
George Town WestCayman Prep School – 242 Smith Road, George Town
George Town SouthJohn Gray High School (Formerly GHHS) – 73 Academy Way, George Town
George Town EastFirst Baptist Church Hall – 920A Crewe Rd, George Town
Red BayRed Bay Primary School – 271 Shamrock Rd, George Town
ProspectProspect Primary School – 169 Poindexter Rd, George Town
SavannahJoanna Clarke (Savannah) Primary School – 1659 Shamrock Rd, Bodden Town
NewlandsInternational College of the Cayman Islands – 595 Hirst Rd, Bodden Town
Bodden Town WestAgricultural Grounds Pavilion – 199 Lottery Rd, Bodden Town
Bodden Town EastTheoline McCoy (Bodden Town) Primary School – 64 Condor Rd, Bodden Town
North SideCraddock Ebanks Civic Centre – 923 North Side Rd
East EndWilliam Allen McLaughlin Civic Centre – 80 John McLean Drive
Cayman Brac West & Little CaymanWest End Primary School – 10 Cotton Tree Bay Rd, Cayman Brac
Cayman Brac EastCreek Primary School – 28 Student Drive, Cayman Brac