Breaking News: An early election was called. It is set to take place on April 14th, 2021

Lindsay and Myles have announced their candidacy for the 2021 election

Aug 5, 2020

(CMR) Alric Lindsay and Michael Myles are the first candidates to publicly declare their intention to run for the May 2021 general election. The pair started to do the media circuit Tuesday with some radio talk shows.

Myles also took to his social media page to make his announcement. However, both men have a long history of community involvement dating back for years.

Lindsay a certified CPA and attorney-at-law and a local businessman. He is actively involved in the community with a number of community-based initiatives including working with multiple groups that focus on feeding persons on a daily basis in the various districts. He works tirelessly with Meals on Wheels, The Cayman Island Food Bank and via his own personal initiative to assist the neediest persons.

He appears focused on the plight of the underprivileged and disenfranchised and has previously raised concerns about the plight of the homeless in the Cayman Islands. However, being uniquely placed as someone who has come from humble beginnings he is also concerned about young Cayman professionals and the opportunities they are afforded.

Alric Lindsay, 2021 political candidate

He will be running against PPM stalwart Barbara Conolly. Lindsay grew up in the Windsor Park area which is part of George Town South.

Lindsay, a father of a toddler also is dedicated to working with young groups to promote their initiatives and great access to them being involved in driving policy decisions that impact them. Lindsay is planning on running in George Town North were she stood for elected office during the last election. He is also a member of the parole board.

Speaking with CMR recently he shared that he was driven by his belief that he can make a meaningful difference in the lives of many in the community.

Myles, a former civil servant, and young worker turned educator and owner of local training facility Inspire Cayman has also declared his intention to stand for political office next May but has reserved declaring which district. Despite this, well placed CMR sources have shared that he is closely eyeing the district of Prospect which is likely to have three very strong personalities running including incumbent councilor Austin Harris.

Michael Myles – 2021 candidate

Focused on education as the cornerstone of his campaign he shared that

“I am adamant that education standards must improve to enable our children to be competitive in their pursuit of tertiary education and future careers.”

He also hopes to address issues such as the cost of living and mental health care.

These two men are the first to publicly declare in what is sure to be a grounded field of candidates for the May 2021 election.