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HRC: Quarantined voters disenfranchised and should be able to vote

Feb 25, 2021

(CMR) The Human Rights Commission (HRC) has expressed concerns about people in quarantine not being able to vote because of the mandatory isolation requirements. They have issued a statement today concluding that the situation potentially disenfranchises voters and should be rectified immediately.

HRC shared the following statement:

The Human Rights Commission is aware of the concern which has been publicly raised with regards to quarantine individuals who remain in mandatory isolation as part of the COVID-19 protocols potentially being disenfranchised of their right to vote.

The right to vote is widely recognised as a fundamental human right and indeed is enshrined in [section 92] of the Cayman Islands Constitution. There is therefore no justification or legal basis for disenfranchising such individuals. The Commission is in communication with the Elections Office and understands that the Elections Office is working expediently to resolve this situation.

The Commission fully supports the Elections Office in its efforts and calls on the Cayman Islands Government to ensure that such resolution is implemented without delay to ensure that all registered voters, including those in quarantine, are provided with a means to exercise their right to vote.