Breaking News: An early election was called. It is set to take place on April 14th, 2021

Governor asks for calm post election

Apr 19, 2021

(CMR) Governor of the Cayman Islands  Martyn Roper has called for calm and respect during the wait for the new Government to form.

“The process of forming a Government is always a tense time, and I recognize that there is uncertainty at the moment. However, since the General Election I have been concerned and saddened to see the way in which some people in our community have behaved, particularly in various online fora towards our elected representatives,” the Governor said.

He added that he has asked the Police Commissioner to conduct a review of online content to see if laws are being broken.

“The tone and content of some posts has been unpleasant and, some may say, bullying. I have asked the Police Commissioner to conduct an urgent review of this content to see if it breaks our laws and going forwards to monitor this matter very closely,” he stated.

“Online harassment is not CaymanKind. It is not the Cayman Islands that I have come to admire and respect. I, therefore, urge everyone to remain calm and be patient. The democratic process must be allowed to play itself out. We are lucky that on these islands we all enjoy the right to freedom of speech and expression but I ask everyone to exercise this in a respectful way,” he added.