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Bush’s sister calls Mario Ebanks supporters “wutless and wicked people”

Mar 29, 2021

“If unna think that Mario Ebanks got any good plans for the crowd of unna idiots because of hate that unna got for McKeeva Bush be careful … I am so sick and tired of the crowd of unna.”

Elizabeth Bush

(CMR) Mario M. Ebanks launched his 2021 campaign for West Bay West last night to a substantial crowd. The success of his meeting has caused irie from his competitor’s sister, Elizabeth Bush.  She issued a voice note statement this morning castigating anyone who dares to speak out against the former Speaker of the House and her elder brother, Mckeeva Bush.

Held at Club Inferno on Hell Road in West Bay the meeting has been heralded as a success by many with over 250 persons in attendance. Numerous supporters including Troy Leacock spoke on Ebanks’ political platform.

As a result of the meeting, Elizabeth Bush took the WhatsApp airwaves this morning to share her thoughts in a very angry message accusing people of attacking her brother and telling them to go home and clean their homes.

She said, “which idiot will believe that certain candidates will deprive Caymanians, West Bayers of their little stipend and their seamanship.” She encouraged them to go out there and find something to do instead of speaking out against her brother.

She shared that if she was Alden she would “stop that Skyping” and went on to call them ungrateful and accused them of knowing the good that McKeeva has done in this country. She goes on to call them a bunch of “wutless people” and they must have forgotten that McKeeva has siblings that love and respect him.

Many have criticized Bush’s voice note wondering if she is unable to recall how her brother constantly attacks his opponents and others he does not agree with on the political front.

For his part, Mario has said he is committed to staying focused on the important issues facing this country with dignity and integrity. Other speakers on his platform included Jordan Rivers, Troy Leacock, Celene Crance, Shane Ebanks, Shyvon Hydes, Captain Owen Farrington, Marjorie Ebanks, Melissa Rankine-Myles. Ms. Daphne Orrett was the MC and his wife Lovenia introduced him to the crowd.